About Us

Harvest Outreach Center is a place where those who understand the blessings they have, come to serve those who are less fortunate. Our desire is to remove the cycle of poverty for those individuals and families by developing a plan for recovery that caused their situation.
harvest outreach building

Our Vision

Harvest outreach, being led by the lord, is committed to making real change in the lives of those left living at that time under porches, steps, in abandoned buildings, and trying to work until they could obtain a salary from one of the Carpet mills. Harvest Outreach’s call to action speaks for itself to the disadvantaged regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender or disability and to help integrate those individuals back into society to lead healthy functional lives. We are committed to the men and women bringing hope and resources to those that are suffering. A promise of a better life, along with the tools to build that life in crisis.
Our long term vision has been to give the disadvantaged every opportunity to enter back into society and to provide services necessary to give individuals and families a foundation to regain their dignity and desire to be successful individuals.


Harvest Outreach of Dalton was established in 1986 as a grass roots outreach program focusing on the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the homeless, low income, poverty and indigent families of Whitfield and Murray counties in Northwest Georgia. This has been accomplished by housing 32 Men every day, 22 Women with children, A Medical Facility through Northwest Georgia, A Restaurant style Walk-in Community Kitchen. Along with job placement in the local community. Volunteers worked endlessly to procure jobs and needed services in helping to obtain Medicare, Medicaid, and help with medicines.
Since its inception, Harvest grew and services offered and created met the demands of the number of people served. Our Community Kitchen alone feed 48,000 hot meals yearly with partners through local Businesses and organizations helping to provide a community wide supported ministry through both financial and volunteer support.