Below you will find many useful links to other programs available to families and individuals in the North Georgia area:
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TANF Eligibility Requirements | Division of Family and Children Services

TANF Eligibility Requirements. In a two parent family in which both parents are able-bodied, deprivation is established if one … Enumeration: All assistance unit members must have or apply for a Social Security number. … Note: A family receiving TANF for ten months might not receive increased cash assistance.

Georgia Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) |

For Georgia TANF, the amount of cash benefit provided depends upon the family’s income and the county where the family lives. Thus, you must use the application process information below to check with the TANF agency in the area that you reside to learn whether you are eligible to receive financial assistance or other TANF benefits and services.

Georgia Assistance Programs – Need Help Paying Bills

Georgia Assistance and Financial Aid Programs. Find how to get assistance in all cities and counties in Georgia listed below, including Atlanta and Augusta. In addition to the resources offered by the state of Georgia that you will find below, there are organizations, charities and government assistance that can provide additional help with free food, medical needs, rent or housing and other services.

Public assistance Georgia – Need Help Paying Bills

Georgia public assistance. Get information on resources for low income families as well as senior citizens and the disabled. There are a number of public assistance programs, government benefits and related services in Georgia. The Division of Family and Children Services provides resources and emergency assistance. There is focus on low income families, the unemployed, seniors, single parents and the disabled. They will also offer case management and self-sufficiency programs to individuals so that they can get back on track with paying bills and providing for their families.